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Why use Time For Camp Sign-Ups?

Updated: Jan 24

TFC offers several different event types that can be leveraged to publish events on our platform. This post speaks to some of the reasons why you might choose to leverage a TFC Sign-Up for your next event.

What is a Sign-Up?

A Sign-Up is a type of TFC Event that generally does not have a specific start or end date but still requires payment and event like registration information about the attendee. A good example would be signing up for High School Band.

A Common Scenario

Let's use the example from above for the High School Band to look at a common scenario. The HomeTown Hornets are getting ready to start accepting registrations for the 2021 Marching Band. Band participants and their parents typically have quite a bit to do in order to register for the marching band. For example, it is not uncommon to provide personal information, medical information, doctor, dentist, and medical insurance information, sign a waiver, and pay a fee to register for Band. Also, the band members are likely going to need to order a band uniform, extra t-shirts, masks for Covid, shirts for mom and dad, and maybe a team bag. This is exhausting and stressful!

If you have been a parent that has endured the above as I have or if your the bandleader, you know this can be a lot for the band member, the parents, and the bandleader to handle. Everyone involved is going to be interacting with several different paper forms, vendors, and processes to simply Sign-Up for Band. Mistakes are made, kiddos get lost in the shuffle, it all works out in the end, but whoa, is it a mess. There has to be an easier way, right? Don't worry, there is.

How TFC Sign-Ups Help

Time For Camp provides a seamless registration process for event sponsors and the attendees to those events. Our software allows the bandleader, in this example, to create an event on our platform, choose the information they need to collect, publish it and start watching the sign-ups roll in. What about the shirts and band gear? No worries, the band leader can work with one of our Vendors to seamlessly integrate the ordering of the uniform into the sign-up process. In one motion, the band member can sign-up, provide all the required information, shop for the band uniform, and pay in one easy mobile interface. The uniforms and gear can be directly shipped to the band member with no hassles.

The bandleader has everything in one place, all payments, waivers, band member information, reports, rosters, etc. This is a game-changer for the bandleader and the parents, and the entire process is significantly less stressful!

When Not To Use A Sign-Up

Sign-ups are not a good option if you are hosting a specific event that is only a few days to a week long. Our full Events may be a better option for you in those scenarios. Overall the process works the same, but the information you can request from the participant is more geared towards a specific event as opposed to an activity. Also, Sign-Ups do not provide you with the same ability to create schedules in the way that our full Events do. So if you need to allow your attendees to see what you have planned, this is not the option for you; check out the full feature Events.

In Summary

Sign-ups are an easy way to get started accepting registrations on Time For Camp. The process to get started is simple, and the time needed to publish a Sign-Up is ridiculously short.

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