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What is white-labeling?

You might be wondering what this term means, where it comes from and what on earth it has to do with event registration, popup-stores, and our services. This post will define what white-labeling means, how TFC makes it easy for you to do, and why you should care.

Definition: A white-labeled product is a product or service that is provided by one company (the producer) that another company (the marketers) rebrands to make it appear as if they made it. As it relates to Time For Camp, we are the producer, and your organization would be the marketer. The name is derived from the image of a white label on a package that is filled in with the marketer's trade dress.


To put this in simpler terms and to make it relevant to TFC let's use a few examples to explain the concept. Take a look at a couple of organizations from our website:

Bay City All-Stars


BCAS isn't a real organization. The events listed are used to highlight our software's capabilities.

Alice Tigers


This isn't a real organization either and the events listed are used to highlight our software's capabilities.

If you notice, these websites are not branded as Time For Camp (TFC). However, they are, in fact, running on our platform and were built using our low-code/no-code content management solution in minutes. The idea is to make the entire application act and function as if it were the organization the customer is visiting. This is white-labeling, and TFC was built with this as a core concept to your success as an event sponsor.

It is important to note that both of the examples above required no coding, no customizations and were put together in a matter of minutes by our sales and marketing teams. Yeah, no offense to those awesome folks, but they don't write code ever :-) It took the team longer to find the images and make simple logos than to configure the TFC web content. With our content management system, themes, color schemes, and backgrounds, you can get an online presence that is professional and branded to your organization in minutes too!

Vanity URL's

You may have noticed the web addresses to the examples above were not www.app.timeforcamp.com but rather www.storetfc.com and www.sportstfc.com, respectfully. You might be wondering how this works and if each of these organizations has different website addresses but still point to TFC? The answer is Yes! Each organization has its own domain name with a hosting provider they chose, but their websites point to our servers behind the scenes. If this sounds crazy complicated, don't worry; we can get this up and running with you in minutes.

TFC was architected with the concept of Single Instance Multi-Tenancy, and this concept is controlled by a simple-to-use feature that we built into our software. Internally we refer to this as leveraging a Vanity URL, and it is a core concept to white-labeling your organization.

Is a Vanity Url required? No, you do not have to leverage a vanity URL, but if you really want to put the polish on your content, it is easy to do and doesn't cost you a thing in TFC!

Why should I white-label my content?

Customers buy from brands they know and trust! This concept isn't new and has been proven time and time again. If you accept this to be true, then it is logical to assume the more visible and marketable your brand is, the more brand awareness you gain and, ultimately, the more recognizable your organization becomes. Which, in the end, is what will set you apart from other organizations marketing similar events and products. Of course, you still need to WOW your attendees and customers, but we know you already do that. Using TFC and establishing a brand that is associated with ease of use is a great start.

If you want your customers to see your organization as a brand it can trust, then you should continuously invest in getting your brand out there in as many ways as possible. That is a lot easier to do if you have a presence that is consistent, reliable, and provides a smooth registration process with many payment options.

What about social media?

Social media is an exceptional way to market, evangelize and promote your organization. The more you keep a consistent stream of information flowing, the more genuine you are, and the more you post to social media, the more traffic you create. TFC makes it very easy to link to your social sites from within our content management system, and we provide you with external links and media to help you publish your events on social media.


Creating an online presence is extremely important to creating your organization's brand. We have taken significant steps to make our software as easy as possible to establish a "white-labeled" brand on our platform and we are confident you and your customers will be happy that you did!

If you have additional questions, comments or you would simply like to test drive our solution please reach out to our Customer Success team (CustomerSuccess@TimeForCamp.com) for assistance.

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